“Top Chef All-Stars” Recap (8.03): Empire state of mind

Each chef admits their own failures. Big Gay Dale calls Townhouse “food with jazz hands” which gets a laugh from Bourdain. He made Bourdain laugh, people, that alone is reason enough to keep him on the show.

But in the end, no amount of jazz handing can save Big Gay Dale. His dish, as Bourdain says, “just didn’t taste good.” Likewise, Bourdain calls Stephen’s dish “unpleasant to eat.” So Big Gay Dale and Stephen are PYKAGed.

When it’s announced to the rest of the chefs who was sent home, there isn’t the audible sad noise until Dale acknowledges his departure. No one wants him to go. But, ever the jokester, he says perhaps he’ll come back for Top Chef 16: Seniors. Aw, Big Gay Dale. We’ll miss you most of all.

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