“Top Chef All-Stars” Recap (8.02): When dinosaurs attack


But the judges don’t seem to care about her absence as much as Jen’s pork and eggs. Her response goes something like this: “You’re totally wrong. My dish was delicious. Suck it hard, judges.” Again, I’ll let her teammates’ faces do the talking.

Back in the Stew Room, Jen tells them “Welcome to Jen: All Stars,” about her new, shouty attitude. But does shouting and/or pleading with the judges pay off? Elia implored them to not eliminate her last week and they summarily sent her packing. So what will getting snippy pay off? Tom says he doesn’t mind when people talk back.

But in the end no amount of angry scolding changes the judges minds. Wet bacon and bland eggs is wet bacon and bland eggs. Jen gets the PYKAG and notes that if her father still thinks second place is losing, what will he think about second to last. As she leaves we hear a torrent of obscenities which boils down to “This is f–king bulls–t!”

When the decision gets announced to the rest of the cheftestants the reaction is shock, disbelief, horror and out-and-out fear. If a chef of Jen’s caliber is gone, what the hell are Stephen and Mike still doing there? Bravo also makes sure to give us lots of cut-aways to Jamie, you know, in case the viewers at home didn’t quite catch the “it should have been her”-vibe. Jamie, for her part, agreed, and also tweeted this last night:

But she is there to cook another day and Jen isn’t – Jen who many of us, me included, picked to probably go to the finales. This Top Chef All-Stars isn’t messing around. You make one bad dish, they will cut a bitch.

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