“Top Chef All-Stars” Recap (8.01): Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it

But enough positivity, bring in the losers. Padma asks them to send back Fabio, Stephen and Elia. Stephen’s dishes were muddled. Elia’s fish was raw. Fabio’s pasta was “horrifying looking.” Fabio continues his bruised ego dance of shame and tells Bourdain he did not agree to come on the show to be made fun of. Dude, you seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding of what it means to be on reality television.

Before leaving Judges Table, Elia makes a plaintive plea saying, “Don’t eliminate me, I have a lot more to do. I mean it.” Sent back to stew a little more, Fabio continues to complain about his poor hurt feelings. But if it makes him feel any better, Bourdain saved his meanest zinger for Stephen’s food which he said had him “drifting back fondly to my last colonoscopy. It was that bad.” Boom. Roasted.

But whose food was worst than last colonoscopy bad? Who got PYKAGed? Elia. Oh dear, now I’m worried. I mean, she already shaved her head once. What will happen now? The thing is, I think Elia is actually quite talented and could have shown the judges more. But Stephen, ugh, that snob needs to be sent packing immediately.

One All-Star down, 16 to go. What else is in store for this season of Top Chef: Redemption? Paul Deen and Jimmy Fallon and a Jonas Brother, oh my. So, what did you think? Agree with the judges? Loving Bourdain? Bring it on, All-Stars.

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