“Top Chef All-Stars” Recap (8.01): Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it

Service begins and everyone is impressed by Spike’s craftiness. In fact, Bourdain calls him “the craftiest motherf—er who has ever been on this show.” Tom then heaps praise on Jamie’s black bass and celery dish, much to her obvious relief. What is conquering your demons for $1,000, Alex?

Back in the Stew Room the chefs deconstruct the challenge and a few grouse about Blais plating past the time limit. I must say, it was bad form of him and not a good way to ingratiate himself with his fellow competitors. To quote Monica Gellar, rules help control the fun.

Padma calls in Spike, Jamie, Angelo and The Blais first and they are informed they had the best dishes. Go, Team Rainbow, go. Tom tells Blais his dish was great, but he went over his allotted time and is ineligible for the win. Finally, some strict following of the rules on Top Chef. Blais, while pissed, accepts his fate, saying he did not realize time had expired.

So then who of the remaining chefs wins the challenge and takes home the $10,000? Angelo. You know, I find his fake modesty cloying, but he must really be able to cook because that’s some mighty good competition he just bested.

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