This Week in Lesbianish TV: Jan. 16 – 21



Bad Girls Club (Oxygen, Mondays): It’s the second episode of the new season, and bisexual Sydney met a guy, despite been attracted to two women at the bar on the first episode. But the guy isn’t so interested in calling when she wants him to, so they go to CineSpace and she finds a new tattooed guy, Jordan. She tells him about the girls with bomb ass bodies in Puerto Rico, where he says he’s from, but he only has eyes for her. She takes him back to the Bad Girls house, where he invites some friends over, much to the other Bad Girls chargrin. Jordan spends the night and Sydney calls him a cab. Her roommates are confused, though, because they thought she was more into women — and a boyfriend at home.

Speaking of the boyfriend, Bennie, Syndey writes him an email saying he can do what he wants while he’s at home, and she’s in LA doing her own thing. Then Bennie comes to visit, and Nikki tells him about Jordan. Sydney gets all her roommates to lie for her.

Brooklyn Kinda Love (Playboy TV, Saturdays): Bek and Erin discuss how they met online, when Bek was living in upstate New York and couldn’t hit it off with anyone. She met Erin on OKCupid, and they fell for each other instantly. Now, they live together and really enjoy one another’s company, but Bek is not happy that Erin made her wax. Still, it works out for them later on when the lights are off.

MADE (MTV): Lesbian Love’s Lacey Stone trained a teen mom to help her lose 30 pounds, meet other mothers and run a 5K. At the end, the pupil threw a party to celebrate the new her and tearfully gave a speech about how much Lacey meant to her, and thanked her for pushing her to her limit.

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