This Week in Lesbianish TV: Feb. 18 – Feb. 25



Brooklyn Kinda Love (Playboy TV, Saturdays): Bek and Erin talked about their history with religion and it wasn’t so good for Bek, whose church wanted her to be ex-gay. She talked about her first GF when she was 12, and how they were caught together and it didn’t end well. Bek’s parents grounded her and ended up hiding love letters she sent to their house. Later, Erin and Bek go pumpkin picking and share their favorite Halloween experiences. (Bek never got to go trick or treating; she had to hand out Jesus pamphlets.) In high school, Bek said she would have liked to play basketball, but was the cheerleaders’ water girl instead. They end with a Halloween party with some friends, where Erin dresses as Jesus.

Tabatha’s Salon Takeover (Bravo, Mondays): On a special episode, Tabatha revisited past salons she took over to see how they are doing after her help.

Worst Cooks in America (Food Network, Sundays): Out contestant Georg lost in the final challenge, even though her wife was one of the judges of her final meal.

Daily Talk Shows

The Ellen DeGeneres Show (WB): Justin Bieber visited to tell Ellen she inspired his new haircut. He surprised her by giving her a lock of his hair, which she is now putting up to raise money for charity. Later in the week, Neil Patrick Harris came on to help Ellen re-enact scenes from Oscar nominated films. Watch full episodes at

The Rachel Maddow Show ( MSNBC): Rachel covered the union wars in Wisconsin this week, and the abortion law struggles in Kansas, including some live reporting from a bar. Perhaps most exciting, though, was the news about the President wanting to overturn DOMA. Watch full episodes at

The Suze Orman Show (Fridays, CNBC): A 27-year-old law school student named Nadia tells Suze about her mom putting her in debt and how it is affecting her admission to the bar. Watch video clips at

The Talk (CBS): Sara Rue stopped by on Monday to talk about Shedding for the Wedding, but also managed to dish on her lesbian character on Rules of Engagement. She also said she’d auditioned for Sara’s role on Roseanne, and has known Sara for a long time. Speaking of Sara, the out host shared a story about a lie she told her college roommates, which happened to be about her sexuality.Watch full episodes at

The View (ABC): When Julie Benz paid a visit this week, she was was asked about her role as “the lesbian stripper” on Desperate Housewives. She gracefully answered and talked about the kind of training she did to prepare for the part.

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