“Thintervention” recap 1.8: Finally fierce

Time to get weighed in for the last time everybody!

Wait! Before the weigh-in, everyone has a gift for Jackie. Brian explains to everyone that Jackie doesn’t wear underwear while she’s training her participants so they all chipped in to cover her vagine. I’m sorry, but seriously? Maybe that’s why Joe thought it would be OK to tell her to turn around and show him her stuff with clothes on. Oy!

Jackie tells Mandy to get on up on that scale and she lost a total of 34 pounds – four pounds more than her goal of 30 pounds.

Jeana goes next and she weighs 153, a total of 21 pounds gone. While she didn’t meet her goal, she came close and her daughter says she’s acting “like she’s hot,” which she is.

Joe lost a total of 42 pounds and weighed-in at 188. He exceeded his goal by two pounds. He says he thinks he’s ready to find his soulmate now.

Shay goes next and lost a total of 34 pounds. Seriously, she looks amazing. She also lost 24 percent of her body fat, which makes her have less body fat than I do. Jackie, call me!

Stacy came to Jackie wanting to lose 50 pounds; she ended up losing 40 instead which is incredible considering her PCOS. As Jackie says, “You willed yourself to lose more weight.”

Nikki is about to weigh in and she too had wanted to lose 50 pounds. She ended up losing 41, which is still fantastic.

Bryan is the last to weigh in and his original goal was to lose 60 pounds. In order to reach that goal, he needs to weigh 206. In the end, he weighed 198 – so he lost a total of 68 pounds. He also lost 49 perecent of his body fat. Incredible.

In summation, everyone looks fantastic – Jackie sends them off like butterflies from her cocoon. Everyone has kept up their weight loss and this is generally just one big happy ending, folks. I’m really happy for all of them, and I’m most happy to hear that Nikki can still have a mimosa with brunch. Thanks for sticking with me for the recaps everybody; I’ll catch you in the blogosphere.

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