“Thintervention” recap 1.8: Finally fierce


Stacy is next and Jackie talks about her PCOS and hard go of it through life. Time for Stacy’s montage.

It looks like Stacy did a great job of going to the gym and sticking with the program. Also, she got a different hairstyle. Turns out, Stacy and Mandy have used each other as a support system, which is also pretty cute.

When she comes out – she looks happy and you can definitely see some weight loss. As is to be expected, Craig cries.

Last up is Bryan and Jackie explains that he had the most work out of everyone and worked himself so hard. MONTAGE!

We see that his co-workers tempt and taunt him with delicious foods. He resists them when he needs to and allows himself a taste when he wants it. He’s working out hard and at some point he is able to fit into Hot Partner Miguel’s button-down shirts. Hooray inner warrior Edith!

When Bryan comes out, the look on Miguel’s face is so cute, you can see how proud he is. Bryan looks fantastic, he’s gorgeous and I think he has highlights. Jackie tells him that he is the wind beneath her wings. Craig cries some more, Jackie cries, let’s all hug it out.

We find that everyone’s confidence has grown, especially Jeana’s – who is now going to use her new body to take care of business in other ways besides eating. Her children in the audience and everyone else at home cringed the cringe of a thousand cringes.

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