“Thintervention” recap 1.8: Finally fierce


It’s Shay’s turn, and Jackie tells everyone what a bitchy deev she was during the first few weeks of training. She also says that Shay had been holding in a secret that she didn’t reveal to Jackie until three weeks ago. What could it be? Her mom looks worried, same as her sister, not so much the man in the back.

When it’s time to find out Shay’s secret, we see her eating chips and ice cream and binging. She knows she has the right tools but she isn’t using them. She says it’s time to tell Jackie why things aren’t working for her. Apparently Shay has been going through fits of starving herself and then eating and taking laxatives. She’s been doing this since the age of twelve. That’s a really good way of screwing up your metabolism – so it makes sense that she wasn’t losing as much weight as she should have been.

Being open and honest about her problem is the first step in fixing it. As Jackie says, “You’re at the strongest point in your life right now.”

In the final three weeks, Shay got her motivation back and then some. She found a dance class at her gym and her inner running-woman came out. She then went to a strip club to watch men shake their butts (not sure where that came from).

When she walks out, you can tell she’s lost a substantial amount of weight and she’s feeling like a sex kitten.

Joe is up next and his mother nods along in agreement when Jackie explains how difficult and obnoxious he can be. She also explained that he has changed and become a better man. His montage self would agree with that statement – he says he’s been much more aware of acknowledging other people’s feelings. He has also gotten in touch with his inner-cheeseburger and can allow himself one every now and then as long as he also adds a little more exercise into his plans. Joe has also found a hot woman who will go on a date with him.

When he comes out, he actually looks a little too skinny in my opinion. Nice job, Joe.

Jackie has decided her most challenging client will be up next – Nikki, of course darlings. She says Nikki has been difficult and doesn’t take direction well – Nikki’s gays in the audience seem to agree.

In the Nikki montage (the one I’ve been the most excited to see), she says there are only two ways to do this program and that’s to do it to a T or do it to fit her lifestyle. I’m guessing she went with the latter – which I think is the most realistic option.

She was able to get support from her gays and instead of drinking they started hiking. She also called upon Bryan for support, which I think is incredibly cute.

When she enters the room, she is gorgeous! Aw, I’m really happy for her. You can tell that she feels sexy.

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