“Thintervention” recap 1.6: Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like Jackie?


Joe goes to a club to meet up with his friends and acts smarmy and disgusting. Jackie goes in to crash his party and see him in his element. About ten minutes in, it is apparent that this truly is not Joe’s “element” – he has no clue what he’s doing and basically offends every female sitting within 10 feet of him and then whoever else is watching at home.

Jackie Wisdom with a shot of Patron: Basically Joe is a freaking idiot and has zero game with girls. He’s pathetic and now it’s on television.

Shay decided that after last week’s challenge, she’d continue with her dancing lessons and take it to the pole! Shake what your momma gave you Shay!

At the end of the week, we find that Mandy has enjoyed Nikki’s company, Nikki has enjoyed a little bit of suburban life. As the girls enjoy a morning cup of tea/coffee/milkshake. Craig appears out of nowhere and has decided to scare the crap out of the ladies by sneaking up on them in a hockey mask. I got scared too until the jazz hands came out. He worked them out and then left in time for them to get showered and ready for their group therapy and weigh-in.

Everyone seems to have had a great week and got to learn a bit more about themselves and each other.

Doctor Ramani asks about sex – everyone starts talking about their sex lives and Joe opens up about his own sexual insecurities.

Joe and Stacy both allude to pleasuring themselves and I really want to throw myself over my balcony.

Joe finally gets scolded for being a complete and utter ass — not only at the club the night before, but also his “sense of humor” in general.

Finally it’s time to weigh in. This week was an incredible one. Bryan lost six pounds for a total of 32 pounds. Jeana lost five pounds this week. Joe lost two pounds, most likely because his ego has grown ten. Stacy lost five pounds this week, thank goodness. Shay lost seven pounds and is moved to tears with her happiness. Mandy shed another three pounds, which is awesome, and Nikki ended the week with losing seven pounds.

Next week is the last week for the participants to get their time in with Jackie before a six-week break where they’re on their own. Also, Joe gets another scolding!

What did you think about this week’s episode? It seems like Nikki may have finally had her aha moment while Mandy seems to be petering out. I’m hoping that if Joe’s attitude towards women doesn’t change, he is doomed to a life of celibacy.

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