“Thintervention” recap 1.6: Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like Jackie?


Jeana does a great job at Spin class, Mandy’s boobs look awesome in her new bras and she gets to spend daddy’s credit card!

Bryan and Jeana fail at asking the right questions to find out if their waiter is gay and Bryan concludes that no gay man would love NASCAR. I’d have to disagree only because there are so many men at NASCAR events, it would be primo eye candy for my gay boys.

Since thinking of gay stereotypes can be draining, Bryan confronts Jeana about her previous abusive marriage. Apparently Jeana only focuses on being in a relationship, any relationship, and feels like she needs to be involved in order to be happy.

Bryan Wisdom: You can’t love anyone else before you love yourself.

Later, everyone meets Jackie at the herbal sex remedy shop where there seem to be dried carcasses hanging from the ceiling and possibly a Gremlin somewhere behind the counter.

Shay says she doesn’t need any herbal remedies, her libido is just fine thank you – and her vibrator does the trick. Mandy is pumped (did we have any doubts?). Joe wants a cure for cankles for Stacy. Stacy doesn’t have a retort. Jackie just wants to talk about the sex people!

The Chinese doctor looks at Jeana, asks her to stick out her tongue and tells her not to eat fried food.

Are we back in Salem? I think he’s a witch!

Joe asks which scent will help get the ladies. I know this one! And it isn’t “cheeseburgers."

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