“Thintervention” recap 1.6: Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like Jackie?

Jeana gets yelled at for smiling into the mirror while she’s doing her lunges. Lunges are for pain, not for smiles Jeana!

Stacy threatens to puke on Craig. Mandy misses her family and is having some issues. Jeana keeps getting yelled at for not working hard enough. Nikki is finally seeing some results and enjoying the process.

Mandy starts crying and finally we’re seeing a good amount of tears in this show! Cry those pounds out everybody!

Jackie Wisdom #2: It’s OK to feel emotions.

Jackie Wisdom #3: You have to be the one who takes care of yourself in this world, so that you can improve other people’s lives around you.

This week is about finding your inner sexy. At this week’s challenge, the participants are supposed to bring their sexiest outfit. Also, Jackie is bringing them to Chinatown to find some special herbs to spice up their sex lives. Excuse me everybody, I’ll be back with the rest of this recap tomorrow, I’ll be in Chinatown if you need me.

Back at Mandy’s place, she has ordered a massage for Nikki and orders me a big dose of barf soup as she gives her hubby a rubdown as his masseuse takes care of business. He then turns the barf dial up to eleven when he says (out loud, in front of camers and the masseuse) that his situation is every man’s dream: "Two Asians."

At the château de gay, Jeana asks Bryan, “How do I come across?” Bryan actually very nicely tells her that her language can sometimes sound pretentious and showy. I wish she had asked one of the queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race, they’d need a whole extra hour for that episode.

The next morning, Bryan wakes up in a similar position as I do (with a dog’s head using my butt for a pillow), and takes Jeana to spin class. They drink Jackie’s milkshake and Bryan insults Jeana’s literacy. Jeana says she needs hot guys for motivation. Bryan tells her there will be plenty of gays for her to cycle off to at his West Hollywood gym.

On the other side of Delusional Street and Somewhat Abusive Relationship Avenue, Mandy and Nikki are going lingerie shopping because Mandy’s husband doesn’t find her older lingerie very sexy anymore. Did anyone get a look at him during that massage? Hello kettle? This is the pot calling.

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