“Thintervention” recap 1.2: Jackie, master of cocktails and bringer of pain

The following day, there is a new challenge. Everyone does a few different circuits with extra weight attached to them while also being tethered to their partner. The winner of the challenge gets to have dinner at Jackie’s place including a few cocktails of Jackie’s choice. Sign me up for this challenge!

It was a close race, but Kim and Bryan won with Jeana and Mandy not far behind. Shay and Stacy come in last place despite being the youngest team.

Jackie tells everyone to drink her milkshake and, somewhere in the world, Kelis is crying.

Unfortunately, Kim’s hand is in really bad shape, which is dangerous due to her health problems. She sees a medic who tells her she needs to see a doctor immediately.

While Kim is at the doctor, Bryan goes to Jackie’s alone and enjoys a very gay meal cooked by Jackie’s hot personal chef. They talk about Bryan’s sex life with his partner Miguel and suddenly I feel incredibly awkward.

Craig has the alcohol tolerance of a baby kitten and decides to play dress up in some footy pajamas.

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