“Thintervention” recap 1.2: Jackie, master of cocktails and bringer of pain

Nikki’s hangover isn’t blending well with the smell of armpits in the room. I actually feel for her. When I went to fat camp, the smell in the gyms could singe your nostril hairs from 20 yards away.

Nikki Wisdom: Vomit happens.

After the workout it’s time for a product placement taste test of Kombucha Asian tea. The smell makes some of them nauseous – others are ready to get down with it.

Stacy says it tastes like “moldy butt cheeks." Jeana replies immediately, saying she likes it. Knowing how her family treats her, she’s probably been getting used to that moldy butt cheek taste for a while.

Once everyone’s gag reflexes are stretched beyond capacity and Jackie confides that she hides the yuckiness in a shake.

The week’s first challenge is to pair off and support each other. (Here comes the drama!) The teams are, Jeana and Mandy, Shay and Stacy, Bryan and Kim, and Nikki and Joe. I wonder how many calories are in a recipe for disaster.

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