“Thintervention” recap 1.1: No cheeseburgers, vedgies


Next, we check in with a few more contestants. Jackie makes Mandy and her son do sprints on their home basketball court. Suddenly this show has turned into the Real Chubby Housewives of California. Bryan is turning into more and more of a bitchy queen by the second. I’m guessing it’s his hunger lashing out.

I’ve decided that almost every fat person highlighted on this show has used their humor to compensate for things. The comedian is the only person who hasn’t said anything funny so far.

It was extreme workout day at Laguna Beach. Jackie imparts her wisdom to her students, “The number one obstacle in your way is your mind. Don’t let it get in your way,” and all I can think about is if Jackie is crimping her hair these days or if it’s naturally got a little wave.


The extreme workout day was filled with a lot of exciting things. My biggest takeaway was Shay’s term “Vajaginals," another word for “frontal wedgie,” “cameltoe," or another new Shay term – “Vedgie>" This of course reminds me of the song “Cameltoe” by Fannypack with one of the best lyrics of all time: “Is your crotch hungry girl? Cuz it’s eatin’ your pants.”

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