Then 10 most annoying les/bi characters in the history of TV

Carol and Brandy, The Amazing Race 16

Carol and Brandy were billed as the Bette and Tina of TAR‘s 16th season, an affluent lesbian power with the combined skills to rule the world. But the duo spent half their time confessing their snobbery to the camera and the other half of their time trying to murder one another with their bare hands. They whined, they bitched, they verbally assaulted each other and the other contestants. No one was sorry to see them get eliminated — not even lesbian viewers. 

Kennedy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

You know who wasn’t ready to get over Tara’s death? Me and you and Willow and everyone on earth — except for Kennedy. She arrived on the scene making googly eyes at Willow and insisting she move on with her life, starting with some girl-girl kissing. Her reasoning? “I’m kind of a brat. I’ve always sort of gotten my own way.” Couldn’t she have at least given us an appropriate amount of to mourn Tara? Like a hundred years or something.

Marissa Cooper, The O.C.

Sure, Marissa took a few lumps on the noggin during her early teenage years. Her dad ran a Ponzi scheme on the entire country club and her mom boned her boyfriend. But did that really excuse her never-ending feet-stomping, hair-pulling, drunk-driving, lawn chair-hurling tantrum? She could have learned a couple of lessons about grace under pressure from her boyfriend and her girlfriend, both of whom spent half their lives in the school of actual hard knocks.

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