The Top 8 LGBT Political Videos of 2008


5. Wanda Sykes: That’s so 16-year-old-boy

Before she came out at an anti-Prop 8 rally, Wanda Sykes was featured in one of several
PSAs that pointed out how stupid — and mean — it is to call something
you find dumb “gay.”

(Select “pizza shop” from the drop-down to watch the PSA that stars Wanda.)

6: Rachel Maddow: On African-Americans and Prop 8

This was the most reasoned explanation I saw for why African-Americans voted
against gay marriage in California – and why gay people were so troubled by
the outcome.

7. Biden and Palin on gay couples

In the Vice Presidential debate, something extraordinary happened: the Vice
President-elect said that gay rights — that marriage rights — are
enshrined in the Constitution.

This is a big deal. Check it out yourself.

Here was SNL/Tina Fey’s response. Her gay marriage zinger brings the
kind of clarity only the best humor can.

8. Should marriage be banned for everyone?

Here, two law professors debate whether heterosexuals should lose marriage
rights, too. This is maybe the most subversive video of all, basically arguing
that if gays can’t get marriage, ain’t nobody getting marriage.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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