The Top 8 Embarrassing Celezbrity Moments


3. Guestbian Leisha Hailey appears in a very hairy episode of CSI.

Leisha Hailey is the No. 1 girl on the Hot 100 for good reason. Several, really: She’s gorgeous, talented and out. We love her so much that we’ll even stop what we’re doing to watch her goofy Yoplait commercials. So if we’re that devoted, it’s a no-brainer to tune in for a Leisha-licious episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, right?

Um, yeah. I guess.

In 2006, Hailey made a guest appearance in the episode "Werewolves" in which she played, well, a werewolf. No, not really. That’s just the cruel schoolyard name for someone who suffers from the disease hypertrichosis, aka "Human Werewolf Syndrome." In the episode, Leisha plays Allison, the hypertrichosis-suffering, agoraphobic sister of a murdered man.

Looking through all of that mangy brown fur, I could barely make out her impish features. I could swear I was watching a Chaka-centric episode of Land of the Lost and not my favorite crime procedural.

This episode of the typically sardonic CSI was a bit sentimental for my tastes, and Leisha’s turn as a lost little lupine girl ended up being unintentionally funny.

The moral of this story: If you’re going to play a mythic creature (or, if you’re going to play with them), stick to lesbian vampires.

4.Suze Orman calls herself a virgin.

You have to admit, it’s pretty cool when one of the most successful and influential (and rich — she’s worth $25 million, with $7 million more in real estate) celebrities comes out as a lesbian. In fact, I can’t think of a better antidote to all of those nasty rumors that lesbians are perpetually broke and lousy tippers.

But during her interview with the New York Times in which Orman told the reporter about her long-term relationship with her "life partner" of seven years, Kathy Travis, she made a huge coming-out faux pas. Sure, she correctly bemoaned their lack of access to the heterosexual privileges of legal marriage and, most importantly, the accompanying tax breaks, but she also told the interviewer: "I have never been with a man in my whole life. I’m still a 55-year-old virgin."

The moral of this story: If your mega-millionaire girlfriend of seven years calls herself a virgin, demand a refund.

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