The Top 40 Kick-Ass Female Sci-Fi Characters

Eleanor Arroway, Contact

Dr. Arroway was selected to be the first person to make contact with aliens, which she did at great risk to her life by traveling on purpose through loads of wormholes. But of course no one really believed her because the recording devices she brought along with her only recorded static. Luckily, they recorded 18 hours of it, so she got to keep her government grant money at least.

Julian, Children of Men

A reformed terrorist who became the peaceful leader of the government resistance in a dystopian future where no children were ever born, Julian found the only pregnant woman in the world and gave her life to help her get to safety.

Kathy, Never Let Me Go

It’s hard to find a reason to hope when you realize you’re trapped in a dystopian future where you’re nothing more than a clone who is being kept alive to have your organs harvested for “normals,” but Kathy defiantly found a reason to live — even though she was created to die. She had a whole lot of soul for a person who was meant to be soulless.

Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games

Katniss volunteered to be District 12′s tribute to the Hunger Games to save her little sister, and she ended up making a fool out of the Capitol by winning the games and saving Peeta, too. Quick with a bow and even quicker with a verbal zinger, Katniss became the symbol of an entire oppressed society’s courage and hope.

Martha Jones, Doctor Who and Torchwood

A medical student turned time traveler turned doctor turned paranormal military organizations officer turned Torchwood team member: There is literally nothing Martha Jones cannot do. She once saved the world, single-handedly, and then enjoyed a nice bike ride around town.

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