The Top 40 Kick-Ass Female Sci-Fi Characters


Our favorite Extraterrestrial Vegetation Examiner broke free from her programmed directive to save the love of her life, and in doing so, she helped all of humanity finally return to earth and start cleaning up the mess they had left behind for WALL-E to deal with.

Gwen Cooper, Torchwood

Gwen Cooper started out as a policewoman who stumbled upon the Torchwood crew working their alien-vanquishing magic, and she became the series’ ultimate alien fighter. She saved the world from destruction countless times — sometimes with guns, sometimes with brains, sometimes through the sheer force of her glorious Welsh willpower. She once shot down a spy helicopter with one hand while holding her baby in the other.

Helena G. Wells, Warehouse 13

H.G. Wells never fit into Victorian society in London, mostly because H.G. Wells was a genius woman named Helena who was forced to publish books under a male pseudonym before she finally managed to time-travel to the future and use her expertise to help the crew at Warehouse 13 keep the world’s supernatural artifacts in check.

Zoe Graystone, Caprica

Zoe Graystone was the mother of all Cylons, literally.

Holly Marshall, Land of the Lost

She was the youngest human in the Land of the Lost, which meant she was mostly afraid most of the time, but Holly used her smarts and savvy to save herself and her brother on multiple occasions, most notably from the the Sleestak God. Also, she named all the dinosaurs and had at least one as a pet, which is the ultimate act of badassery.

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