The Top 25 Lesbian/Bi Characters on TV (Right Now)

4. Santana Lopez, Glee


We’ve clocked nearly 100 episodes of loving Santana Lopez. Maybe it’s her incomparable ability to deliver the perfect zing or her hypnotic singing voice or those razor blades she keeps in her hair, maybe it’s the way that she saw Brittany for the unicorn she really was, or maybe it’s the fact that she’s just a straight up Girl on Fire. Actually, it’s probably all of those things that keep us coming back for more. Glee may do us wrong, but Santana Lopez ain’t nothin’ but right.

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3. Alex Vause, Orange is the New Black


For a convicted drug dealer who dimed out her former lover and landed her in prison, it didn’t take us long to fall in love with Alex Vause. Sure, she was the brains behind an international crime ring, but that doesn’t mean she’s incapable of deep, deep love and loyalty. She’s a survivor, is what she is. A sexy, sexy survivor. And damn, girl, those glasses.

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2. Emily Fields, Pretty Little Liars


She started out as a timid, closeted lesbian lady who liked Beyonce a little too much, but by season four of Pretty Little Liars, you may have heard that Emily Fields killed a guy. Her swagger brings all the girls to the yard, her heroics keep her friends from getting run under by cars, and while we may not be able to relate to all of those things, we can certainly sympathize with her determination to live that U-Haul life with Paige McCullers.

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1. Lauren Lewis, Lost Girl


Of all the life-saving lesbian characters we love—and oh, there are plenty!—Dr. Lauren Lewis stands alone. Not only is she is super-genius super-doctor, Dr. Lauren is also an Afghanistan vet, a volunteer healer in the Congo, and the one true love of our #7 favorite, Bo Dennis. And you know what else? She melts our ice cream as much as Bo melts hers.

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Thank you for helping us rank the top 25 lesbian/bi characters on TV. What do you think of the results?

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