The Top 25 Lesbian/Bi Characters on TV (Right Now)


17. Piper Chapman, Orange is the New Black

Piper and Larry reunite under Thompson's watch

We’re living in the Golden Age of male antiheroes. Don Draper, Dexter, Walter White. But there aren’t many shows that have presented us with a female character as morally dubious as Piper Chapman. Is she self-centered? Yeah. Is she blinded to her own privilege? You betcha. Is she needy and spoiled and kind of manipulative? Mmm hmm. But she’s also brave as hell and flush with empathy and uncommonly resourceful and learning what it means when you love wide open. Her layers make her fascinating. We just hope she’s still alive when Netflix drops Season 2.

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16. Gail Peck, Rookie Blue


Gail Peck always stood out as the snarkiest and quirkiest of the Rookies, but this season she met her match in forensic pathologist Holly. What started out as a platonic “plus one” quickly developed into a flirtationship that had our hearts fluttering. After the intensity of one case put things into perspective, Gail took it up a notch with a kiss, and we all set sail on the Good Ship Golly.

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15. Rebecca von lahnstein, Verbotene Liebe

Verbotene Liebe

You are a strong lesbian lady if you agree to design the wedding dress of the woman you’re in love with, especially when that woman is running from her feelings for you by marrying your brother. Lucky for Rebecca, Marlene was so smitten with her wedding dress, that she offered up her gratitude with a full-on open-mouthed homosexy kiss and an admission of sapphic supplication.

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