The Top 25 Lesbian/Bi Characters on TV (Right Now)


20. Lena Adams, The Fosters


Lena Adams is the voice of reason in a house full of hormonal teenagers and a partner who wears her heart on the same sleeve as her police badge. Slow to anger, quick to comfort, and always remembering to buy that guacamole Stef likes, she is the glue that holds the Foster-Adams family together. But don’t let that mom/vice-principal stuff fool you; Lena’s also down for some making out with her wife in the backseat of their SUV.

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19. HG Wells, Warehouse 13


H.G. Wells is a woman? Yes, H.G. Wells is a woman. Oh, what a woman. Bronzed in the 1800s for using Warehouse artifacts to gain revenge on the men who killed her daughter, she was bronzed and awakened in the 21st century, which suited her just fine, thank you very much. She was always way ahead of her time. Twice, she tried to sacrifice her life to save the Warehouse (which was a nice gesture after she tried to destroy the world with a magical trident one time). We’ll see her once more before Warehouse 13 comes to a close in 2014. Here’s hoping she’s escaped her self-imposed exile in Nowhere, Wisconsin.

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18. Leslie Shay, Chicago Fire


It’s a hard knock life for a lesbian paramedic superhero whose girlfriend of three years leaves her to have a baby and a wedding with a dude, so it’s no wonder Leslie Shay got a little confused and started demanding babies from her (male) roommate. Of course, we’ve all been there. Well, maybe not the wanting-to-have-a-baby-with-a-man thing, but we’ve definitely all overestimated someone’s lesbianism at one time or another. We’ve also invited our best friends to switch teams at least once. Or, well, we would have done if they looked at us like Dawson looks at Shay.

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