The Top 25 Lesbian/Bi Characters on TV (Right Now)


23. Nicky Nichols, Orange is the New Black


Nicky Nichols is a reformed junkie who sees the world just as it is, but still has a heart full of compassion and a never-say-die mentality. Because hey, you never know if tomorrow night is taco night. We loved watching the Piper-Alex dynamic unfold during season one of Orange Is the New Black, but we’ve got to be honest: We were really feeling those subtle moves Nicky was putting on Alex. We were also digging her never-miss zingers. We’ll never look at hotdogs or hallways the same way again.

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22. Isabel Lobo, Tierra De Lobos


She’s a tomboy from an affluent family on the run with her lesbian lover who used to be a prostitute! Throw in some of the most well-lit lesbian make-out scenes in the history of television and it’s no wonder this Spanish soap has us crawling all over the Internet looking for clips and subtitles! Season three is underway, and we have some good news: We’ve heard your pleas, and recaps are on the way.

21. Kalinda Sharma, The Good Wife

If there’s one thing every viewer of The Good Wife can agree on, it’s that we want more Kalinda. And not that barely recognizable season four Kalinda who lost her swagger and her purpose. We want our badass bisexual private eye back, and we want her back with her acerbic wit in tact. But the leather and boots can stay. The leather and boots can always stay.

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