The Top 15 Hottest Butch Women

2. Corky (Gina Gershon) in Bound: The Formula Butch

In the Wachowski brothers’ 1996 film Bound, Gina Gershon plays a plumber named Corky who exhibits more butch qualities than you can shake a wrench at. Labrys tattoo? Check. Thumb ring? Check. Motorcycle boots? Check. Smirk? Check. The only detractor, according to the panel, is the fact that she fits those qualifications too well: It’s as if the filmmakers were constructing a butch dyke based on a formula made up of stereotypes.

But that didn’t stop the panelists from gushing about her. “She is the epitome of handiness,” Gabby noted. “And I love the way she holds her beer.” In addition, “She has great arms — incredibly defined forearms, lean and taut upper arms.”

“She looks good while sweating,” Sarah added.

After watching the scene in which Violet (Jennifer Tilly) asks Corky in to fix her plumbing, Gabby said, “Corky just makes my heart skip a beat.”

“That scene,” said Claudia, “is the stuff fantasies are made of.”

Handiness: 5
Hair and Fashion: 3.75
Posture: 4.75
Butch Attitude: 4.75
How Hot She Looks in a White Ribbed Tank Top: 4.5

Total Score: 22.75

1. Amy (Chloe Sevigny) in If These Walls Could Talk 2: The Classic Butch

The 2000 HBO television movie If These Walls Could Talk 2 was comprised of three different stories about lesbians set in three different time periods. In the 1972 segment, Chloe Sevigny played a butch lesbian named Amy who encounters a group of young feminists who reject butch and femme identities, seeing them as a deluded attempt to ape heterosexual culture.

But when Linda (Michelle Williams) meets Amy in a lesbian bar, the charming, old-school butch lights her cigarette — and her fancies. Amy invites her to dance, and though Linda won’t join her until her friends have left the bar, she later lets Amy give her a ride home — on her motorcycle, no less. (“She knows how to get off a motorcycle,” Sarah said approvingly.)

“She’s sweet and sexy … chivalrous, persistent, thrilled to have a pretty girl on her bike,” Gabby said.

Though at times Amy has a certain awkwardness, all of the panelists dismissed that as a sign of her youth. “You know why she wins?” Claudia asked. “Because Corky tries too hard.”

All the panelists agreed with Claudia’s conclusion: “She’s what all butches should be.”

Handiness: 5
Hair and Fashion: 5
Posture: 5
Butch Attitude: 5
How Hot She Looks in a White Ribbed Tank Top: 5

Total Score: 25

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