The Top 13 Power Lesbians in Entertainment in 2007


10. Nancylee Myatt — Co-executive Producer, South of Nowhere

On television, there are two programs with regular lesbian characters: The L Word and South of Nowhere, a half-hour drama about a Southern California family including queer teen Spencer Carlin (Gabrielle Christian). Overseeing South of Nowhere‘s lesbian story line is out lesbian writer Nancylee Myatt, who advocated for Spencer’s coming-out story from the beginning, even though network execs were initially wary of it. Since South of Nowhere debuted in 2005, it has become a fan favorite and been renewed for a third season.

Prior to South of Nowhere, Myatt produced the 2003 comedy Wave Babes and wrote episodes of numerous television series, including Night Court and Living Single. She also wrote and produced the pilot Nikki and Nora, a drama about two lesbian detectives, for UPN. "In the entertainment business the real power comes from the people who have the money and can greenlight your project: The studios, the networks, the advertisers, etc.," said Myatt when we asked her about being a powerful lesbian in entertainment.

"On the creative side, writing, directing, producing, power comes with success. You’re successful by being able to tell a story and connect with an audience. But first you need visibility and opportunity to even get up to bat. And those variables have very little to do with sexual orientation. But I’ve been at it a while and I do like to think that I’m a Made Woman in my particular ‘Muffia’ family."

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