The Top 11 Lesbian/Bi Moments in Sci Fi and Fantasy

4. Jackal and Snow Reunite Solitaire (2002)

In the novel Solitaire by Kelley Eskridge, Jackal has been wrongly imprisoned in an experimental program that locks people into their own minds. Without even the companionship of a guard, Jackal survives for six years by rubbing out all memory of her life, including destroying her feelings for her lover, Snow.

When Jackal is freed far from home, she hides from her family and friends. Snow tracks Jackal down, and the two meet unexpectedly on the street.

Jackal stood absolutely still, and she felt as if her head had become hollow in the immensity of the moment: wait, I'm not ready. But this was how it happened: the big things never announced themselves, you just turned a corner and there they were, before you'd had time to order your life to meet them. Choose right, she seemed to tell herself. And then in a heartbeat her choice was made, and it was like the old days: a path cleared in front of her, and she walked it straight into Snow's arms.

It was like drawing a breath that came in and in and in, stretching her, filling her with Snow, etching Snow back into the space that Jackal had rubbed smooth. This is what she looks like: this is her smell; this is the feel of her shoulder blade under my right hand; this is how tight she holds me when she has no words, when the body must speak for itself. I remember it all.

3. Xena and Gabrielle Confess Xena: Warrior Princess (1999)

For the six years of Xena Warrior Princess, the connection between Xena and Gabrielle was kept as strict subtext, but oh my, what incredible not-so-subtle text it was.

What drew me to the series, and what sets its subtext apart, is the intensity of the emotional connection between the two women. No scene is more emotionally intimate than the prison scene in the Season 4 episode "Ides of March." Awaiting execution, Gabrielle cradles an injured and helpless Xena, and the two confess their regrets. To cite a cliche, the chemistry between the two actresses is electric.

Xena: I'm sorry for all the times I didn't treat you right.
Gabrielle: Xena — you've brought out the best in me. Before I met you, no one saw me for who I was. I felt invisible. But you saw all the things that I could be. You saved me, Xena.

Other great Xena and Gabrielle moments include the hot tub scene in "A Day in the Life," the tango in "Heart of Darkness," and the first meeting of Xena and Gabrielle in the alternate world of "When Fates Collide." Also check out the last scene in "Many Happy Returns" when a blushing Xena watches Gabrielle read the poem Xena asked Sappho to write for her, uh, "friend."

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