The Top 11 lesbian-for-titillation stage performances


Katy Perry actually kisses a girl

What happened: After singing a hit song about it for at least a year, the pop star committed and bent down to kiss a girl (fan) during a live show.

Lesbian Quotient: 1. It was a short peck.
Titillation Rating: 3. Perhaps some people enjoyed the payoff after listening to her perform the song for so long without her following through (even in the video).

Repeat Offender Status: Not likely. Although if a camera is around, she will give a quick kiss to friends like Rihanna.

Kylie Minogue and Ana Matronic snog on stage

What happened: The Aussie and the Scissor Sisters singer kissed each other during a duet.

Lesbian Quotient: 4. Kylie is pretty pro-gay and Ana identifies as bisexual.

Titillation Rating: 5. Kylie also danced dirty with frontman Jake Shears, so it wasn’t explicitly girl-girl at Glatsonbury.

Repeat Offender Status: Unlikely. The performances together were one-offs.

Fergie freaks with a female dancer

What happened: Fergie felt on her fellow performer’s chest during a performance of “London Bridge.”

Lesbian Quotient: 6. Fergie is bisexual and she isn’t afraid to show it.

Titillation Rating: 6. The song is pretty sexy, but the performance happened two weeks after she married hubby Josh Duhamel.

Repeat Offender Status: Possible. Fergie isn’t shy and she’s always been open about her bisexuality, including in videos like “I Gotta Feeling.”

Christina Aguliera incites all-lady orgy

What happened: The singer acted out the lyrics in her song, “I’m kissing all the girls” by freak dancing with a gaggle of females on stage.

Lesbian Quotient: 3. Christina has been back and forth on her bisexuality, but it’s pretty believable when she looks like she’s enjoying herself with the women.

Titillation Rating: 3. It’s still pretty tame by Xtina standards. Her video for the same song set the bar pretty high.

Repeat Offender Status: Remains to be seen. But it’s likely she’ll utilize similar choreography in future performances.

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