The Top 11 lesbian-for-titillation stage performances

Britney, Madonna and Christina’s threeway tongue share

What happened: The three pop stars took turns kissing one another at the MTV Music Video Awards.

Lesbian Quotient: 6. Madonna has always had a queerness about her and the kisses that happened were more than pecks, and followed up by lots of grinding on one another.

Titillation Rating: 8. Three huge female stars french kissing while singing “Like a Virgin” was what spawned the rest of the performances on this list.

Repeat Offender Status: Definite. All three women have capitalized on this part of their careers again in separate performances.

Madonna smooches a female dancer

What happened: A year after the MTV performance, the singer pulled a dancer in for a kiss mid-song.

Lesbian Quotient: 8. The dancer obviously approved of this kiss, and Madonna always comes up with these wacky “let’s make out” ideas. Pretty gay of her.

Titillation Rating: 7. They made a cute fake couple.

Repeat Offender Status: Definite. Madonna can’t stop kissing women, though it appears that she never actually seriously dated any. (Sorry Sandra Bernhard.)

t.A.T.u.’s on-stage titillation

What happened: Two Russian singers pretended to be gay for one another on stage and off.

Lesbian Quotient: 9. These two may have been playing, but they were pulling out all the stops by lying on one another, singing to each other while holding hands and making out in fake rain.

Titillation Rating: 10. They were going for it, and they got the attention they wanted.

Repeat Offender Status: Definite. This was the whole shtick, until they were revealed to be (gasp!) straight.

Amanda Palmer and Margaret Cho do “I Kissed a Girl”

What happened: The bisexual singer invited the queer comedian on stage to mock Katy Perry’s fake Sapphic single. This involved a sex toy, kissing, bridal gowns and boob touching.

Lesbian Quotient: 10. Considering both the performers are out and they fake gay-married a fake Katy Perry on stage, it was pretty lesbian.

Titillation Rating: 6. It wasn’t supposed to be titillating, it was supposed to be a statement! But, you know, they can’t help it.

Repeat Offender Status: Definite. The women performed the act together a few different times during Amanda’s tour.

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