The top 10 ugly-cry TV moments of 2013

4. Felicia Day reads The Hobbit to her dying mom (Supernatural)


“It was a Hobbit hole, and that means comfort.”

3. Helena and Myka part ways (Warehouse 13)

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Oh, you know, just one of the top Warehouse agents in the world hanging out of a window crying and waving goodbye as she drives away from her “friend.” A “friend” who makes a habit of sacrificing her life for Myka. A “friend” who stares loningly at Myka’s lips every time she gets real close to Myka’s face (which is all the time). Myka will never lose that “friend.” Friend, friend, friend. Normal friend stuff.

2. The Red Wedding is a thing (Game of Thrones)


Catelyn Stark, there will never be another you.

1. Santana sings for The Quarterback (Glee)


We’ll never be able to listen “If I Die Young” without hearing Santana’s choked sob and scream as she runs from the room, overwhelmed with the death of Finn Hudson.

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