The top 10 lesbian sex scenes on TV in 2013


5. Lauren and Crystal, Lost Girl


Maybe brownies are your favorite dessert in all the land. Nothing can compete with brownies. You looove brownies, have loved them from the moment you first tasted them, would do anything for brownies, want to spend the rest of your life eating brownies. But if, for some horrible reason, you can’t have any brownies for a long, long, long time, it’s OK to try a cupcake now and then. A cupcake isn’t a brownie, not even a little bit, but sometimes you just get super hungry, you know? And yeah, maybe eating a cupcake makes you miss eating brownies, but cupcakes are still delicious, man.

4. Delphine and Cosima, Orphan Black


You know what’s sexier than making crazy science and then crazy scissoring with a girl for the first time? When she hops out of bed to go buy you ice cream when it’s over! In Canada in the winter time, that’s true love.

3. Betty and Theresa, Bomb Girls


Oh, Betty. Betty, Betty, Betty. In a time period when falling for another woman meant risking everything, Betty McRae just went right ahead and fell for Theresa the Bond Girl. Shared drinks, casual dances, longing looks. They all lead up to a moment Betty had been waiting for her whole life. Theresa cut off Betty’s babbling with a kiss, and then: KABOOM! went the bomb girl. Afterwards, strawberries. Dozens of delicious, metaphorical strawberries.

2. Lauren and Arizona, Grey’s Anatomy


Listen, don’t punch me in the throat, Calzona shippers, but I think the most toe-tingling thing that happened on TV in 2013 was Arizona reaching out to shake Lauren’s hand on Lauren’s last day at Seattle Grace, and Lauren just laughing huskily in her face, like, “Yeah, we’re definitely just co-workers.” You know what happens next: The power goes out, the clothes come off, and Arizona lets herself really go for the first time since her plane went down.

1. Bo and Lauren, Lost Girl


Nobody — and I mean nobody — goes all in like Bo and Lauren on Lost Girl. If I’m being really honest, these two should probably have their own top ten countdown. I couldn’t even choose one photo that best captures the essence of their insane chemistry because every time they do it, it’s like a brand new thing (on account of: oh, so many feelings). 2013 was bookended by some glorious sexual shenanigans by good ol’ Doccubus, and frankly there’s no reason to believe they won’t top this list again next year.

What was your favorite lesbian sex scene of 2013?

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