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South of Nowhere: "It is a true love relationship"

Most of the cast of The N’s teen drama South of Nowhere, which is about to start shooting its third season, mingled on the red carpet on Saturday night, including series creator Tom Lynch and actors Gabrielle Christian (Spencer Carlin), Mandy Musgrave (Ashley Davies) and Maeve Quinlan (Paula Carlin). When asked how it felt to be nominated for Outstanding Drama Series, Lynch responded: "Are you kidding? With The Sopranos and Brothers & Sisters, it’s awesome."

He continued: "On one hand, as the creator of the show you go, ‘Oh my God, people are really watching it.’ And then I look at these two [Musgrave and Christian], and they’re the reason. They’re the reason it’s happening, so I’m very, very proud of my girls."

The series’ second season ended with a shooting at King High’s prom, leaving one character wounded — perhaps fatally — but Lynch, of course, wouldn’t reveal who was injured. "I have just written that scene," he told us, "and it’s not gonna be released — they’re [the cast] not even gonna see until we shoot it. But what I will tell you is that I hope the audience comes away shocked, surprised, relieved and touched. And the cast doesn’t even know."

Fans of the show have also been speculating for months about whether Spencer and Ashley’s relationship, which seemed to be on the rocks at the end of last season, will survive. Though Musgrave and Christian both say they want more Spashley — "We’re pushing for it," said Musgrave, "’cause that’s my favorite story line" — they also both seemed to suggest that changes were going to occur.

"Like most high school relationships, they come and go," Christian offered.

Musgrave put in, "It is a true love relationship, and sometimes you break up, sometimes you don’t, sometimes you get back together."

"Or obstacles come in the way," Christian added.

But both actors hope that viewers will tune in to see what happens. When asked what they wanted to tell their fans, Musgrave said: "I hope that whatever we do, we will still be able to please you, and you’ll still come to us and find room to … relate and be able to talk to us and know that you are getting something out of it no matter what happens, whether someone goes straight, whether we stay together, whether we break up, no matter what happens."

Christian agreed. "I’d say the same thing. We’ve had a lot of really positive feedback thus far, and a lot of people have said that the show has helped them in their own journeys. And as actors, to be able to give a message — which is kind of rare sometimes in the Hollywood world of entertainment — it’s nice to know that you can be a positive role model."

Tom Lynch assured us, "There’s gonna be a lot more twists and turns to Spashley."

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