“The Returned” recap (1.7): Zombie Eczema


Even though Toni and Serge have been walking in what they thought was one direction, they find themselves back at the fire pit. This trek has a very Twilight Zone feel to it and Mommy has arrived to add to the spooky. She disappears as fast as she appeared before Toni’s eyes.


Chloe decides to share her secret with Victor about her dead dad coming back for her. His response is to share the fact that he is dead as well than summon one of his fun little apparitions. Chloe sees Adele covered in blood from her cut wrists and faints from the shock. When Julie and the real Adele rush to her aid, he does his usual distant stare and ignores their questions. Maybe Laure was right, time to drop Victor off at the bus station with a ticket to anywhere but here.


Lena and Camille reunite at the shelter while Simon sits with the pastor at the church. As he tries to get info about his suicide, Thomas arrives with backup. The pastor wasn’t getting a fun game from the back room after all. He was ratting out Simon. Well, snitches get stitches. Remember that.

Serge and Toni have made their way to the reservoir and decide to swim across. Toni starts to give up on swimming and suddenly Serge gets pulled under and disappears. I say cut your losses and move on. Back at the shelter, Lena and Camille have a sisterly bonding moment until Lena notices something on Camille’s face. It appears she is starting to rot a bit like Victor. So Lena slaps on a little bit of cover up, problem solved. Jerome tells Claire he has a change of heart about Pierre and he doesn’t think he is as dangerous as he once assumed. Maybe he should take a look in the basement then reassess.


Victor stops Julie’s bothersome questions about Chloe by giving her a hug. She is such a pushover. She feels something funny under his sleeve and finds his rotting flesh wound which looks way worse. Thomas and Laure show up at Adele’s to check on Chloe. Once Laure hears Victor’s name she rushes home to confront Julie who begs Laure to take them away from the town. I suggest heading for colder temperatures. It may slow the decomposition.


A memorial for the suicide victims is a perfect forum for Debbie Downer aka Ms. Costa. She freaks Claire out by telling her it’s a shame that her pretty daughters won’t stay that way for long. What the hell does that mean? Oh yeah, the slowly decomposing thing.

Laure decides she is in it for the long haul and absconds with Julie and Victor. Julie snuggles up to her while she drives as a thanks for Laure’s eventual job loss. That should score some major points. She probably gave up a nice pension plan.


At the police station, Thomas feverishly itches at his zombie eczema on his abdomen. His wound wins the prize in ruining my night time snack, especially when he proceeds to pick at it and pull a chunk off. And if that wasn’t enough he eats it when Bruno retrieves him from his cell. Thomas wants Simon to divulge information on the other Returnees and ends the conversation with a warning about leaving Adele alone. It is pretty hard to scare a man who came back from the dead twice though.


It’s now dark and Toni has finally made it to shore. Pierre is ending the memorial and his speech hints at his views of the end being near. Sandrine stands than fumbles to the floor. As the group rushes to her side, she realizes she has miscarried. Julie awakens in the car and realizes they are once again traveling over the dam. This makes it perfectly clear that no one is leaving town. Lucy enters The Lake Pub to find a large group waiting for her in moonlit room.


I can’t wait to tune into the season finale next week. How many have returned? What will be left of those that have? But more importantly, will there be sex scene between Laure and Julie? Guess we will have to wait and see.

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