“The Returned” recap (1.5): Zombies Stick Together


Jerome enters Lucy’s room to find Alcide keeping watch at her bedside. He tells Alcide that there is still no sign of Lena. He asks Jerome if he knows Lucy then tells him about her miraculous recovery. Her vital organs have healed and her external wounds are almost gone. Jerome receives a call from Claire who still cannot locate Lena. He promises to check The Lake Pub and tells her not to worry. I can’t believe that isn’t the first place they looked, as she practically lives there. After Claire hangs up, she brings Simon and Camille a snack. He lies and tells her Camille is asleep, which is great news since she hasn’t slept since her arrival. They sit and chat while Simon houses the platter Claire prepared. She notes that Camille is always hungry too and asks about his desire to leave. Simon tells her he wants to start a new life with his daughter and wife. She tells him having a daughter is the most wonderful thing in the world.


Back at The Lake Pub, things are getting serious as more shots are brought to the table. Camille takes five additional shots like a champ and Frederic bows out after three. The rules to their game state he must do whatever she asks of him. She begins making out with him until Jerome shows up and ruins the fun. Camille lets it slip that Jerome is her father as he pulls her outside. Frederic stares, stunned as they leave.


Julie sits in her apartment visibly upset. As she opens a window, Laure pulls up. She enters to find Julie sitting in the window. Fearing she is about to kill herself, Laure pleads for her to come back inside and tells her she loves her. Julie comes back in and tells her not to worry she was checking something that she can’t explain. As they argue about Julie’s state if mind, a call comes in that a boy has been located. Julie insists on going with Laure and they both head out.


Simon waiting at the bus station alone as the last bus pulls away. Victor returns to the shelter and Pierre tells him everyone was worried. Victor responds by telling him he was dead and that Pierre was responsible. Pierre insists it wasn’t him and he tried to help Victor and his family. Victor disagrees and once again the town goes dark. Suddenly Pierre’s former partner appears and they begin to struggle. Just then, Julie and Laure arrive to find Pierre startled on the floor. Julie asks what he did to Victor as she embraces him and promises the boy that everything will be alright.


Toni drives in the darkness and he spots Serge in his headlights. He is covered in blood and tells his brother it is from a deer. Toni asks if Lucy was a deer to him as well and then promises Serge he is safe and won’t hurt him again. He pleads for him to let their mother know this as well. Unaware his brother murdered him until now, Serge angrily lifts his rifle but cannot pull the trigger.


Simon confronts Adele at her home and Chloe calls Thomas, as promised. Adele asks why he did what he did. Chloe comes downstairs and tells him to leave. They won’t be going with someone who chose to die instead of being with them. Simon backs away into the darkness and leaves. Thomas spots him outside and as Adele closes the door to her daughter’s bedroom, a shot rings out. Simon is on the ground, shot in the abdomen.


Cut to Camille as she lies in bed. Frederic arrives and they start to fool around. He asks who she really is and she responds that he already knows. She loves him and he loves her and that is all that matters. He realizes it is truly Camille and knocks her to the ground than leaves. She comes downstairs and tells her mother that Frederic knows her true identity. Laure drops Julie and Victor off  back at the apartments. As a nurse dresses Lucy’s wounds, she awakens and grabs the nurse’s arm, scaring the crap out of her (and me).

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