“The Returned” recap (1.5): Zombies Stick Together


Thomas comes home to Adele sitting on the couch and staring off sadly. He suggests she take a pill and get some rest, but she refuses. She wants to know why he didn’t tell her about Simon sooner and how he truly knows that it was suicide. He tells her there was several witnesses and she heads upstairs as Chloe enters the room. Chloe asks if Adele is upset about, Simon, the angel. Thomas makes her promise to inform him if Simon returns. At the shelter, Pierre tells Simon he has to leave. The police will be coming due to the disappearance of Victor and Ms Costa. He tells Simon he will help in finding a way to get him out of town. Laure arrives at Julie’s looking for Victor. Julie slams the door in her face when Laure tells her that he left the shelter with a homeless woman.


Pierre arrives at Claire’s with Simon and she warmly invites him inside. They introduce him to Camille as a temporary housemate who is like her. Once they are alone she asks him if he remembers how he died or knows why they have returned. He too has no idea about the circumstances leading to his death or any clue as to why they are both back now. Camille says she can share in his pain of past romance and then promises to do him a favor. Zombies have to stick together.


At the hospital, a doctor speaks with Alcide about Lucy’s condition. He shows him her how her wounds seem to be fading away. At the same time, Thomas and Michael arrive at the lake. They are shown the animal corpses that were found during a “routine” check.


The pastor speaks with Adele in her home on behalf of Thomas. All she wants to know is if he was aware Simon killed himself and why he didn’t tell her. As he gives a knowing look, we cut to the town surveillance team, which has spotted Ms. Costa smoking on a bench alone. Maybe they should think about installing some cameras in the underpass. Just a thought.

Lena awakens once again and finds Serge sitting next to the bed. He has made some concoction with the  nettles his Mom used to make for him when he got hurt. Lena allows him to spread the paste on her wound after he explains that he found her passed out and is trying to help her. Serge becomes increasingly excited as he touches her injury and quickly gets up to make them food.


Julie arrives at the police station and asks Laure if the homeless woman gave them any information. Laure tells her that apparently she split from Victor but any info she provides can’t be considered reliable. She tells Julie that she claims to have been born in 1943 and that she is the wife of the late Mr. Costa. Julie looks in at her and is shocked to see what appears to be the woman in all the pictures at Mr. Costa’s home. She asks Laure to speak with her alone. Julie tells Ms. Costa that she believes her and then asks if the little boy she left the shelter with was once dead as well. Ms. Costa informs her that he died shortly before her and he will return to Julie once his “work” is done. Julie admits she wonders if she, too, is dead, and Ms. Costa tells her that there is only one way to find out. Just then Laure calls for Julie, leaving us to wonder what she was told.


Camille plays messenger for Simon and tells Adele to pack a small bag and meet him at the bus station in time for the last ride out of town. She tells Camille that she won’t be meeting him. Camille tries to change her mind by sharing that she is like Simon, but her love doesn’t want her. As she walks away, she tells Adele to make the right decision.

Thomas meets with a doctor who is performing autopsies on the dead animals. All thirty six bodies perished within the last twelve hours from drowning. They show no signs of struggle, injury or poisoning. The doctor believes they were running from something and were so scared they chose to drown.


Serge quickly walks through the woods with his rifle. He crouches, takes aim and shoots a deer then pulls out his knife. Cut to Camille, showing Lake Pub patrons pictures of her and Simon. She lies and tells them they are from last summer and he is her 26- year-old ex-boyfriend. As Frederic approaches, she hams it up in attempt to make him jealous. Stepping into her sisters shoes, she joins them in a round of shots.


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