“The Returned” recap (1.4): Think Of Something Nice


Laure is back at Julie’s apartment. She tells her she cannot allow her to keep Victor. Julie feels betrayed while Laure begins to pack up Victor to take him to Pierre’s shelter, Helping Hands. As they leave, Julie stares at Victor’s drawings. One is of Ms. Payet, dead on the floor with her cats. Just when I was starting to feel bad for this kid…


Chloe goes up into the attic to find her mother and Simon talking about someone that may hurt them. She asks who they are speaking about and who this man is. Adele tells her that this is her dad and that he stopped being dead. Guess he got bored with it. She asks him if he is an angel and what Heaven is like. He lies to her and answers all of her questions about the afterlife. They tell her Simon has to go but she will see him again and to keep her mouth shut about the whole thing, especially when around Thomas.


Pierre answers a call from Laure and agrees to take in Victor. He then receives a call from Michael about Jerome. He was being questioned about Lucy but had nothing to do with it. But Michael tells him about the incident with Lena and the hospital report. Pierre calls and tells Claire and after she hangs up she breaks down in tears. Jerome shows up and asks what’s wrong. Claire asks, “How could you do it? How could you hit her?”  He asks if Pierre has said something to her. She asks him again if he hit Lena and he stares at her. She says she wants him out and that they are over.

Later that night, Michael sees Simon and begins tailing him with his car. Simon realizes he is being followed and takes off. Police surveillance tracks him when suddenly all the cameras go offline. The town has lost power once again. Frederic and Camille sit in candlelight at The Lake Pub. She asks him if he has been sleeping with Lena, because Lena denies it. He says if Lena told her they weren’t then it must be true. She asks how the first time was and says she knows it happened during the bus accident. Frederic leans forward and touches Camille’s arm. At the same time Lena wakes suddenly and grabs her own arm. She gets out of bed and leaves the hospital.


Thomas arrives home and is confronted by Adele. He tells her the cameras have been there for two years and he only used them when she didn’t answer the phone. He wanted to make sure she didn’t hurt herself again. She calls him sick and he retorts by saying Simon’s death wasn’t an accident. The Pastor asked for it to be listed as one and the police department did him a solid. She repeatedly asks what his death really was as she begins to cry. Simon shows up at Helping Hand and asks for help. Pierre invites him inside.

Lena shows up at The Lake Pub and sees Camille canoodling with Frederic. She passively aggressively asks if they’re having fun. She loudly tells the entire place that Camille is not her cousin then shows her nasty wound to everyone and declares it is her fault. Camille apologizes for her and says she should return to the hospital because she obviously is not well. Lena wants Camille to fess up and when she won’t she tells everyone that she is not Alice, she is undead Camille. Of course everyone thinks she is off her nut which sends her running from the bar in tears. This seems to be par for the course with Lena.


Laure returns to the police station and asks for the whereabouts of Simon. They lost him during the power outage, but they have new information about Lucy’s case. Apparently she isn’t a prostitute after all. She is a clairvoyant and the town has been visiting her to talk to their dead loved ones. Another officer approaches with one of Victor’s drawings of dead Ms. Payet. Julie’s phone rings. It is Laure and she has good news. Julie’s attacker is not responsible for her neighbor’s death. Ms. Payet had taken her own life and it has been ruled a suicide. Laure asks if she needs company and Julie tells her no. She hangs up the phone with a perplexed look on her face.


At the close of this episode, Pierre shows Victor where he can sleep. They pass Madame Costa who gives a half hearted smile. Sadrine is there and tells Victor she will be looking after him. Pierre asks if he is going to cry then gives him the following advice, “Think of something nice. Why don’t you sing a song in your head? A song from school?” As Victor stares in fear, we realize Pierre isn’t the sweet guy we all thought he was. Thomas puts Chloe to bed then gives Adele a glass of water and some pills in their bedroom. Chloe wakes back up and finishes a drawing of Simon shooting himself in the head. Lena stumbles into the underpass and collapses. How many people have to be stabbed before women in this town take a new route home? Serge approaches and slowly begins to kneel down towards Lena as the screen fades to black.

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