“The Returned” recap (1.4): Think Of Something Nice

Pierre loads his car up with gas cans and heads down the road. He is stopped at a police checkpoint and exits his vehicle. An officer he knows, Michael, tells him they are looking for Simon. His phone rings. It is Claire asking him to come to the hospital. She tells him Lena is hurt and that Jerome is currently being questioned at the police station. When he hangs up, he asks Michael why Jerome would be a person of interest in Lucy’s case. Michael promises to find out as a favor. Several utility trucks drive past them and Pierre wonders aloud what could be going on.


Adele shows Simon his daughter’s room. They look at all her drawings and Simon sees one of him. They start to kiss then bring the party to the bedroom. All the while, Thomas is watching from his desk and he is not pleased. Bruno interrupts to tell him Jerome has arrived for questioning. He angrily tells him to handle it and goes back to watching Adele and Simon’s romp in the hay. As he stares at his monitor, Simon suddenly changes into him then back to Simon. I was not expecting that.


Pierre arrives at the hospital and asks how Lena is doing and how long she has had her wound. Camille tells him it has been there since she has returned and it is her fault. Pierre insists that it couldn’t be her fault and if it was her whole family would have wounds. Lena chimes in from her painkiller fog and says no one else is hurt…yet. Camille runs out of the room and Pierre follows to speak with her. He tells her that she wouldn’t have been brought back to hurt her family again. And Lena will come around, she is just afraid Camille may leave again so she is lashing out. Camille sarcastically says, “Hallelujah” and walks off. Nice try, Pierre.

Meanwhile, Thomas speaks to the Pastor about Simon. He assures Thomas that Adele loves him now, otherwise why would she be marrying him. This does not interest Thomas. He wants the Pastor’s thoughts on resurrection and if Jesus actually came back as flesh and blood. The Pastor tries to shift the subject which angers Thomas and he storms out.

Frederic leaves school to find Camille waiting for him outside. He asks about Lena and she tells him she is still in the hospital for testing. Camille asks where he is headed and Frederic tells her he’s going to The Lake Pub. I think the teens in this town have a major drinking problem.


At the dam, trucks are lined up pumping away out of fear that there is a breach in the dam. The workers worry the town and the power station could possibly flood, yet still have not told authorities. Back at the hospital, a doctor tells Lena’s family that he thinks her wound is a spontaneous keloid from a former injury not healing properly. He asks if she knows what that could be and she says she fell on a chair when someone pushed her at The Lake Pub. That excuse is lamer than “I walked into a door” and Claire knows it. She tells Lena she is here to help, and Lena retorts that she never asked for any.


At the police station, Jerome is told that he is mentioned in Lucy’s diary and that they know he visited her at least once a week for the past year. He insists it was just to talk, and that is not illegal. They tell him that it is not, but beating women is, even if it is your own daughter. They have a hospital report of him bringing Lena in with a back wound. They then try and give him an out by asking if he accidently hurt Lucy as well and tried to cover it up. Maybe he requested a service that she wouldn’t perform. Jerome angrily insists he did nothing and that Lucy is not a prostitute.

Back at Adele’s, she answers the door in her robe. Chloe enters and asks why the door was locked and if she took care of the mouse problem. Jeez, kid, so many questions. Give mommy a break. She is just trying to have an affair with your zombie dad. Chloe runs upstairs and looks up at the corner of her room. She slides a chair over and climbs up. Thomas watches as she stares directly into the camera and calls her Mother up to see. Uh oh. You’re busted, Thomas.



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