“The Returned” recap (1.3): The Lesbians We Were Promised


Adele drives home to find Lena standing in her driveway. She tells Lena it is nice to see her, but she does not tutor anymore. Lena says that is fine, she came to talk to her about someone that she may know who says his name is Simon. Adele asks how she knows Simon. Lena tells her how she met him at The Lake Pub the other day and Adele quickly brushes her off and goes inside. She stands motionless by her door as she comes to the realization that Simon may be real after all. At the shelter, Simon approaches Pierre and agrees to stay a few days. Pierre shows him a roomful of beds and turns to see Simon staring at a cross on the wall. Pierre asks if he believes in God and Simon tells him no. He then states that he must at least believe in resurrection, making it known that he is aware that Simon was once dead. He offers Simon help and tells him that one day everything will be made clear.


Julie rides the bus with her headphones on and sees a man in a dark hoodie walking down the street which sends her into a panic. She then comes home to find her door open and Victor missing. Meanwhile, Thomas looks through security footage and views Simon and Adele leaving the library together. Back at Julie’s, she sadly starts out window until she hears a sound in the hall. She leaves her apartment with a pair of scissors in hand and goes downstairs. The lights shut off and when they come back on Serge grabs her from behind. They struggle and slump to the floor. He manages to get the scissors from her and she stares up at him. Suddenly the scene changes, Victor is now holding her hands and removes the scissors from her grasp. What is going on? I have had enough of this kid and I think Julie is on acid or having some messed up PTSD hallucination. I am just glad they didn’t kill off one of the two lesbians yet.


Camille sneaks out of her room dressed in her new clothes as Claire washes up in the bathroom. Jerome arrives and Claire tells him she doesn’t want to leave. Jerome says its alright and that he loves her still. He begins kissing her neck when a cockroach pops out of the sink and scares Claire. She tells to Jerome it is too soon for his shenanigans. At The Lake Pub, Frederic asks Lena if she’ll come out for smoke. She says no and asks to be left alone. He goes outside and Camille shows up and introduces herself as Alice, Lena’s cousin. She asks for a cigarette  and he gives her one. This kid has quite the smoking habit today. They both enter the pub together and Lena becomes very upset. She asks if her parents know that she is out and that she should go home since she is only 15. Her age is a surprise to Frederic and he stops protesting for her to stay. As Camille leaves he asks Lena why she is being such a downer and why she was so rude to her cousin. She walks away and doesn’t answer.


As this episode comes to a close, Adele sits with her daughter as she draws and Simon looks through the window behind them. Lena cries in the bathroom and when Frederic consoles her, they begin to have sex. He notices her scar in a mirror which causes Lena to run off. After putting her daughter to bed, Adele comes back downstairs and sees Simon outside. She goes to him and they kiss as Thomas watches from a security camera. Julie lays her head on Victor’s lap as he strokes her hair. The camera pans to Payet’s apartment. She lies dead on the floor with a large wound to her abdomen as her cats feed upon her corpse. Just one more reason why I am a dog person.



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