“The Returned” recap (1.3): The Lesbians We Were Promised


Pierre and Simon drive together after leaving the police station. Pierre suggests they go to his shelter where there will be food and a warm bed. Ignoring his suggestion, Simon asks if he knows Adele. Pierre says everyone here knows her and her story. When Simon asks for details, he is told that her fiancé died on their wedding day when he was hit by a car. Pierre asks if he knew him and ponders why he has never seen Simon before today. Simon asks to be let out and walks off as Pierre pulls away.


Claire cleans the kitchen. As she opens the cabinet to throw away trash, a large amount of flies cover the bin. She looks inside and sees the carcass of a dead animal. She goes upstairs and finds Camille trying on Lena’s clothes and makeup. Claire offers to get her new clothes and Camille begs to come along on the shopping trip. She promises to be discreet, At the same time, Lena stares at her scar in the gym locker room then quickly covers up when classmates enter.


Thomas and Alcide review security footage of Lucy entering the underpass. Fast forwarding to 20 minutes later reveals a man in a dark hoodie leaving the area. Thomas asks where Simon is when he happens to notice the cell is empty on another monitor. He rushes over to Bruno and is told there was nothing they had him on to continue to hold him. Thomas loudly tells him that he freed their only murder suspect. He leaves to go see Pierre to find Simon’s whereabouts. Pierre says that he refused to come to the shelter and that he mentioned Adele before they parted ways. Pierre asks what Thomas’s interests are in Simon any way. Thomas ignores his question and tells him he better reach out if he comes across him again. Meanwhile Adele is approached by Simon at work. He plays into the idea that he is a ghost and asks if Thomas has been good to her. Adele says he has, but more importantly she has someone she wants Simon to meet.


Mademoiselle Payette is at Julie’s door and is looking for answers as to why the police had made a visit. Julie tells her it is none of her damn business. Payette assumes it has to do with the boy and tells Julie she will report her for adopting him illegally if he is still around tomorrow. Julie slams the door in another woman’s face. It has been a rough day for her. Back to Adele and her outing with her friendly ghost. They approach a school which is holding a tribute to the bus crash victims outside. Children stand in a line dressed in sweatshirts with the departed printed on the front and call out each person’s name. Not weird at all and surely it won’t scar these children for life. Adele points out their daughter much to Simon’s delight.


Camille and Claire are out shopping for the new clothes she was promised. As Camille goes in the dressing room Sandrine approaches and Claire looks at her with fear. She asks Claire if Pierre told her the news of her pregnancy and wants to know why she hasn’t been coming to the support group. Camille appears and Sadrine stands frozen. She introduces herself as Lena’s cousin, Alice. Sadrine seems to only half believe this and departs. Camille asks her Mother if that is Audrey’s mom. Claire silently shakes her head in the affirmative.


Lena enters The Lake Pub before it opens looking for Toni. Serge sits at the bar and introduces himself as his big brother. Toni is in the bathroom trying to fix the toilets which are all backed up like the sink in the church. She asks if he knows anything about Simon. He says no, so she asks him to at least tell her when he returns to the bar. She asks why he never said he had a brother. Toni hurriedly gets up and follows her out. After she leaves, he asks Serge why is he here. Serge doesn’t answer and asks for details on Lena who may be rocking more scars in the future. Toni tells Serge he must stay at the farmhouse and refuses Serge’s offer to help with the pub.


Victor is in the process of drawing disturbing characters as Julie prepares to leave. She tells him to stay inside and keep the door locked. As soon as she leaves, he goes across the hall and knocks on Mademoiselle Payet’s door. She invites him in for a meal, an offer I am sure she will regret.

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