“The Returned” recap (1.3): The Lesbians We Were Promised

Back at the dam, the water level has dropped another two meters within one day. They send a robot with a camera down into the reservoir to see if they can find the cause. I have a feeling they will regret doing this and will find something freaky in a future episode.


Meanwhile Simon talks to Bruno, the detective that took his victim’s statement. He tells Simon he could be out of there faster if he gives a real name and address. Simon says he does not have an address to give and before returning him to his cell, Bruno lets him know that he cannot leave town until this is settled. Bruno then calls Pierre and tells him he has a lost sheep named Simon for him to help. Pierre eagerly agrees, knowing this is the man Lena spoke about.


Jerome discusses with Claire moving somewhere that Camille can be in the open. As Lena comes downstairs they stop talking and Jerome offers her a ride. Lena reluctantly accepts. Should be a fun ride to school. Back at the police station, Thomas is at his computer looking at surveillance video of his own home. I wonder if Adele is aware he can spy on her. She better be careful during her meetings with her favorite ghost. Laure and Alcide enter to tell Thomas they have nothing on Lucy’s case. They propose speaking to Julie and Alcide refers to her as “The Appetizer” then begins to explain why. Thomas interrupts and says he is familiar with the case. Well we are not, Thomas, so keep quiet. I would like to know why she is a starter course. Laure volunteers to question her and leaves for Julie’s apartment alone.


Jerome drops Lena off at school and he makes her promise to keep quiet about Camille. He tells her about his plans to move the family for her sister’s sake. Lena instantly becomes enraged and leaves the car. She passes Frederic on the stairs as he fails in his attempt to make small talk.


Julie is taking a bubble bath while listening to music on headphones. Victor opens the door and lightly touches her on the shoulders then leaves. Startled by his ongoing creepiness, she leaves the bath and gives us all a show. She realizes the encounter was his strange way of letting her know someone is at the door. Dressed only in a towel, she opens the door to find Laure standing there. Julie is very short with her and asks what she wants. Laure tells her she needs to speak with her about Lucy. This fills Julie with rage and she asks why Laure hasn’t come by in the past seven years.When Laure tells her it is because she knew Julie didn’t want her to, she gets a door slammed in her face. And of course, Miss Nosey has been watching the whole thing through her peephole.

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