“The Returned” recap (1.2): Making Peace with Our Ghosts

Back at the good ol’ Lake Pub, Lena asks her friend if he thinks people can come back from the dead. He tells her probably not, which is best because we would be in trouble. This causes Lena to angrily storm off. I wonder what that is all about. Hmmmm. The other twin, Camille, makes her way to the window to see Claire and Pierre lovingly embrace outside. She leaves the house unnoticed and walks into town.

At Julie’s, Victor is being strange again. What a surprise. As Julie finishes a phone call she turns to see Victor sitting in an open window. He smiles and jumps out. Julie goes out the sliding glass door to find him, only to turn and see him back inside, smiling behind the glass door. I think it is time to call child services.


Toni arrives at the farmhouse to find the padlock broken. He enters and sees butchered animal parts on the table and a wolf carcass strung up from the ceiling. As he continues his search for the intruder, he hears a noise from the room he just left. Holy hell! The wolf came back to life and he isn’t happy. Toni reaches for a shotgun but the wolf is too quick. After a battle on the floor, Toni finally reaches the gun and blows the wolf away. He digs a hole outside to bury the creature. Probably a good idea since it already “woke up” once today. Lucy’s attacker approaches him from behind. Toni turns, stares at him in disbelief and then brains him with a shovel. Toni runs to the farmhouse and holds the door shut as Lucy’s attacker staggers to his feet and runs after him. He screams at the door, “Why did you hit me? It is ME!” Toni prays, hoping God will save him from the monster outside and the banging stops. He opens the door and assesses the situation, only to be hit with the same shovel.


Jerome runs into his former home and asks Claire how long has Camille been missing. She tells him about an hour and that she can’t get a hold of Lena. Camille arrives behind The Lake Pub and climbs up to a window to look in. She is caught by Lena’s friend who offers to help her get in and runs off in fear that he will recognize her. Lena returns home and her parents immediately ask her if she has seen Camille. She has not and worries her sister will be seen.


Laure informs Thomas that the man who attacked the diner employee is supposed to be dead. When she tells him it is Simon, Thomas goes completely pale and grabs the files. She asks if the name sounds familiar and he lies and says no. They both go to where Simon is being detained and Laure asks Simon to explain why he is listed as dead. Thomas asks if he knows Adele. Simon confirms that he does and asks who Thomas is to her. Thomas tells Laure to read him his rights as he walks away. With a confused look, she sits to begin to process Simon into the system.


Toni wakes from his shovel induced nap to find the killer with a shotgun to his face and a lot of questions. He asks where their Mom is and Toni informs him she died three years ago. His brother, Serge, asks why he doesn’t remember her dying. Toni tells him because you died with her. Thomas returns home and pretends he just didn’t have a conversation with his fiancé’s dead fiancé. Camille returns home as well. She looks through the window to see her family waiting up for her. They run to the door to tell her how worried they had been. Camille asks them what could happen, she is already dead. She then tells them she went to The Lake Pub to see Frederic but bumped into Lucho instead. Cut to Thomas hurriedly looking through Adele’s old photos. He finds a picture of Simon and stares at it in horror. As Camille tries to sleep, Lena comes to her door. She tells Camille about Simon and how she thinks he is like her, dead.

As the show comes to a close, Simon sits in jail and devours a sandwich. The police ask him if he is sure that there is no one they can contact for him and to let them know if he changes his mind. Toni holds Serge while he cries. Julie brings Victor milk as he lays awake on the couch. She promises to look after him and lovingly rubs his head. Bad idea, get rid of that kid before you wake up with him standing over you smiling with a kitchen knife. And it seems like she may have had a bad past already before dealing with Victor. Julie goes to take a shower and removes her shirt to reveal multiple scars on her abdomen. I guess she has met our buddy Serge.


I can’t wait until next week to gaze at Victor’s lovely smile and see who Serge decides to dine upon.

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