“The Returned” recap (1.2): Making Peace with Our Ghosts

Thomas receives a call while planning an event at church with Adele and Chloe. Lucy’s has been found stabbed a dozen times in the abdomen. The attack matches a serial killer who went dormant, but has seemed to return to his old tricks. Thomas leaves and Chloe uses the bathroom in the church. As she goes to wash her hands, the sink gurgles and backs up with muddy water. Cut to the dam workers who discuss the water level which is continuing to drop.


Camille enters Lena’s room. She checks out all the photos that are plastered on her walls, and sees a life she missed out on within the past four years. Claire then goes upstairs to find Lena’s room trashed. Furniture is broken and her stuff is thrown everywhere. She knocks on Camille’s door to ask if she’s been in her sister’s room. Camille says she has been trying to sleep and shuts the door.


As Julie leaves her apartment with Victor out comes Miss Nosy to ambush them. She asks if she has heard about Mr. Costa. When Julie says no, she gleefully tells her how he jumped from the dam. Meanwhile back at the church, Adele tells the pastor how she has seen Simon and how real it felt. The pastor tells her it is not strange for her to think of him when it is so close to her wedding day with Thomas. He then tells her that it is important for us to be at peace with our ghosts and if Simon returns she should speak to him.

As Lena drinks her troubles away at The Lake Pub, Simon approaches her and asks about the library where Adele works. She shares the location and he takes off. Lena’s friend asks her what Simon wanted. She tells him that he wanted to sleep with her but she turned him down because he wasn’t her type.


Camille comes downstairs to find her mother speaking with Pierre. She tells him she has not yet slept and snidely asks the “doctor” for an explanation. She begins to go out and Pierre tells her it’s a bad idea to be seen in public since she is supposed to be dead and all. She yells at him and asks him if she’s a zombie. He tells her she is special and blessed. That he saw her in her coffin and now she is here and has been granted a new existence. She asks why her out of the forty that perished and then wishes just to be normal like before.

Police arrive at The Lake Pub to bring Toni, the owner, down to the station. They have some questions about Lucy. Lena asks one of the police officers, Alcide, what’s going on and he refuses to tell her. As she walks to follow them to the exit, she notices the picture of her and Simon when she was a child.


As Simon enters the library, security notifies the police that their suspect in the bolo tie beating has been located. Adele notices him and approaches what she thinks is an apparition. She tells him that even though she’s marrying another she still has a spot for him in her heart. She is glad he’s back even if it is only in her head. As she goes to touch him, a gaggle of children enter screaming. When she turns back he has disappeared like a ghost or like a man currently being arrested outside.


During what seems like the busiest day for the police station, Toni is being questioned by Thomas and Laure, Thomas’s second in command. He has been brought in due to the fact that he was a suspect in the original case. Toni reminds them he was cleared and claims his innocence. Laure loses it on him, calls him sick and asks him how he can actually bite and eat his victims’ pieces of his victims. She shoves the pictures of Lucy in his face and tells him he is lucky she is still alive. Meanwhile, Lucy’s real attacker approaches a farm house. Much to his confusion he sees that the door is padlocked. He breaks in and calls out for his mother.

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