“The Returned” recap (1.1): Unexpected Reunions

As Julie waits for a bus, the creepiest kid since Children of the Corn appears behind the glass partition of the bus stop. She boards the bus and McEerie follows suit.


Our curly-haired stranger now shows up at The Lake Pub, still on the hunt for Adele. Lena happens to know her, but says she works at the library. She offers to take him to where Adele lives if she buys her a drink. At this point, he will be lucky if she can make it across the parking lot, let alone all the way to Adele’s house.


Back to Jerome and Claire, still reeling from the night’s events. Pierre arrives and it seems that he and Claire have a little something something going on. He lies to Camille and says he is a doctor here to examine her. She calls him out on being a shrink, says she is not mad and asks for them to leave so she catch up on the sleep that has been eluding her. Pierre offers her something to aid her into slumber land. Julie disembarks from the bus and her little friend isn’t far behind. Once upstairs in her apartment, she sees the little weirdo standing in the grass below her window vacantly staring. He disappears when she looks away and then there is a knock at her door. She opens it to find him standing there with that vacant stare again. This kid is really starting to unnerve me. He stays silent through her questioning and then Miss Nosy enters the hall to see what is going on. Julie lies and says the boys name is Victor. Miss Nosy tells her of the handsome stranger looking for Adele. Julie informs her that she was a previous tenant and this is not her “dating name” as the neighbor has suggested. I don’t think Julie is really the dating type. She has more of a shut-in vibe to me.

Pierre tells Jerome that he should stay with his divorced wife to help Camille. They will eventually need to explain to her that she has been gone more than a few hours. Lena and the curly haired stranger make their way to Adele’s place. They are both confused as to why they have never met, since they frequent the same bar and were both born in the area. They part ways and he ominously stares into Adele’s home and she looks in the mirror. He knocks on her front door and calls out her name, causing Adele to have a mental breakdown. She screams for him to leave her alone, than slumps to the ground. Her young daughter approaches and after hearing her voice through the door, the curly haired stranger departs.


Back at Julie’s, “Victor” is going to town on a bowl of rice while she continues to question him to no avail. After threatening to call the police she backs down and lets him stay the night. At The Lake Pub, Lucy heads out for the evening and begins her walk home. She is attacked by a man in a hoodie and repeatedly stabbed in the abdomen in a very unnecessary close-up shot.


Lena returns home and is about to sober up real quick. She sneaks up the balcony and then hears a familiar knock on her bedroom door. The door opens to reveal her sister and both go into a state of shock. As Lena cries and Camille screams, their parents run upstairs to console them. Mr. Costa is having an interesting end to his evening as well. He douses old photos with lighter fluid and throws a match on the pile starting a blaze in the room. He turns to reveal his wife gagged and bound to the base of his bed and then flees the house. Later when police and fire report to the incident, they identify it as arson but find no one in the home. The police inspector on the scene returns to his home to find his wife, Adele, in an almost catatonic state. She tells him it has started again and she thought it was over. Implying she has seen her former lover before. Mr. Curly arrives at his own grave and we learn his name is Simon and he died in 2002. Cut to workers in an office outside the dam, they are reviewing data that the water level is on a continual decline. As one worker views the reservoir with binoculars he spots Mr. Costa on the edge of the dam. Before they can stop him he takes a header off the side.


Lucy is shown lying dead in a pool of her own blood the next morning. Julie watches “Victor” as he pretends to sleep. Lena, Camille, and Claire sit silently while Jerome stares blankly out the window. As the camera pans around the house it fades back to four years earlier. Camille complains to her parents at the breakfast table that she doesn’t understand why she has to go on the trip but Lena can stay home. They say she is sick and to get moving. As they all leave the house, Lena watches them go then opens the door for a boy to come inside for a little hanky panky. As they make out on the bed she jokingly asks him what if he can’t even tell them apart and what if she is Camille. So, it may be possible that Lena is really (un)dead and Camille has been pretending to be Lena for four years. Mind blown. As one of the twins begins to have sex, the twin on the bus feels what she is feeling. She freaks out and runs to the door insisting to be let out. The distracted driver looks back to the roadway and what in the hell! It’s “Victor” in the road way looking creepy as ever. The bus swerves to avoid him and plummets off the side.


The Returned airs Thursdays at 9 pm ET on the Sundance Channel.

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