“The Real World: San Diego” recap: Episode 1

The boys suggest that Zach will be “taking down” Ashley, and meanwhile, the girls suggest that Zach is the hottest guy in the house, and the camera pans to Ashley, who basically says that Zach is her type. Soon afterwards, Zach and Ashley are on the rooftop on the life sized chess board pushing pawns around as lovey dovey music swells in the background. No one could have predicted this. No one.

The roommates decide not to go out, because Priscilla is underage and they don’t want to leave her behind. They decide to spend the night at home and make a liquor run. On the way to the liquor store, they accidentally fall into a club, thereby leaving Priscilla home alone with a snoring Nate. Funny how that happens.

Nate wakes up and Priscilla climbs into bed with him. Nate remarks that Sam isn’t very attractive and that Franks bisexuality is “weird” for him. Then he proceeds to make out with Priscilla, because that’s the next logical thing to do.

“I will bet infinite amounts of money that [Nate and Priscilla] are just sleeping,” says Frank. Frank lost his shirt twice this episode — figuratively as well as literally.

After stumbling back to the house, Alexandra gets on the phone with her boyfriend Byron and Frank takes the phone away from her and tells Byron how hot Alexandra is. Later, Frank and Alexandra talk about relationships, and Frank cannot take his eyes off of her. Alexandra tells the confessional camera that she is so happy that someone is interested in hearing about her relationship. I guess Stanford never taught her when to recognize when someone has a crush on her.

Zach and Nate talk about Sam and Frank’s sexualities in the confessional. Zach covers his eyes when Nate tells him that Frank is bisexual.

“We’re fending for ourselves here!”
shouts Nate.
“It’s gonna get messed up pretty soon,” agrees Zach.

Can someone tell Beavis and Butthead that it’s 2011?

And then it’s off to a club again! Frank gets drunk, sees Alexandra chatting with a guy, and gets upset. He decides to take out his frustrations on someone else, a bimbo who is siphoning off the cast’s free liquor. She calls him a faggot, and he screams that she is a piece of trash. Security intervenes, and Sam accompanies Frank back home in a car.

The two discuss the incident on the car ride home. Sam remarks that the word “faggot” set him off but, to her, it’s just a word.  He says that he will never stop being angry at being called that word, and Sam says that he should just let things roll off his back and that he can‘t flip out every time he hears a slur.

Back at the house, Frank continues to be an emotional drunk, punching the wall because Alexandra has a boyfriend and then finally passing out in the confessional. The roommates try to rouse him, but he is unresponsive, so they throw a blanket over him and leave him to his emo dreams.

Stay tuned! Next week, Frank flips out and cries. Again.

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