“The Real L Word” recap: Episode 309 – “Perfect Day”


And while this show has been utterly ridiculous and often contrived there is nothing contrived about Whitney and Sara’s love for each other. The road to this point may have been tumultuous and well – reality television worthy – you can’t help but cheer these two on. Mazel Tov you crazy ladies!

And then it’s time for the party, and guess who shows up? Tracy and Stamie!

And it’s Francine!

It’s the Real L Word high school reunion up in hurrrr.

Kacy tells us that while Whitney and Sara are just starting their journey, she and Cori have come a long way.

“We are much stronger than the two of us ever thought we would be,” she says. “We proved that marriage is a commitment and in good times and bad, definitely rings true. I married my very best friend, and I‘m grateful for it every day.”

Yay, unicorns!

If you haven’t teared up by now, you have no heart. And if you aren’t convinced that gays can be just as loving and committed that straight couples, if not more, you have no brain.

Speaking of no brains, on the highway back from Las Vegas, Romi wishes Whitney and Sara the best of luck, and she and Dusty drive off into the horizon, basking in their own marital bliss. While they aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, they deserve to be happy and rub their dull edges against each other ’til death do them part. If anything, it would keep them occupied so they are far away from everyone else.

Back at the Whitney and Sara ranch, the party is going full swing. There is nothing but smiles and elation, and this is how the world should be – ALL THE TIME.

Kiyomi tells us, “I definitely see a big future for Lauren and I.” She turns to Lauren. “What about you? I hope you don’t contradict what I just said!”

Lauren smiles and says, “I think that we are both very into each other and are hopeful for the future, and I really think we are going to be with each other a long time. I do.”

Then it’s back to Whitney, who says, “I definitely see some buns going into some ovens. Who doesn’t want a bunch of Sara and Whitneys running around – haaaaaay!”

So is The Real L Word going to continue into the new generation like Degrassi?

Says Whitney, “Our relationship has been so much work. This wedding has been so much work. I think this is the first time I can just breathe, and just see her. She looks perfect.”

And curtain. 


Good night Whitney. Good night Sara. Good night, Romi. Good night, Dusty. Good night, Kiyomi. Good night, Lauren. Good night, Amanda. Good night, Somer. Good night, Laura. Good night, Vero. Good night, Kelsey. Good night, unicorns. Good night, house of Whitney’s exes. Good night, Amanda’s stilettos. Good night, Jonesy Cat. Good night, mystery girlfriend of Amanda. Goodnight, Switz’s headband. Goodnight, poo-stained outdoor smush pod. Good night to all, and if there is no season 4, adieu! But if there is, I’ll be back.

To quote Cronkite, “And that’s the way it is.”

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