“The Real L Word” recap: Episode 309 – “Perfect Day”

The next day, Whitney and Sara arrive at the wedding venue, and the wedding parties start trickling in slowly to help them prepare.

Sara’s mom, again, tells us, “I’m very happy for Sara, but at the same time I’m sad too. I would really like my daughter to have a wedding, but with a man. I’m sorry to say that, but that’s the truth. I love Whitney. I wish Whitney were a guy Sara can marry.”

Whitney steps out of the dressing room in a white tux, rocking it better than any guy ever could.

“Do I look pure?” she asks.

And look who pops into the scene! It’s Scarlett, who we haven’t seen in a very long time. Hi Scarlett! 

Then Whitney’s dad shows up. Yay! And then the parade of guests who we all know and love.

Donna Somer!

The unicorns!

Kacy: Does this remind you of our wedding day?
Cory: I don’t remember our wedding day. I was wasted!

Kacy, I hate to say it but I think you married Coco, not Cori.

And look – Hunter Valentine and Lauren and Amanda!

And then the ceremony begins with Whitney’s mother walking her down the aisle. Everyone cheers.

Then everyone stands. Sara is being led to the altar by her mom and dad. Everyone continues to cheer.

Whitney tells us, “I’m standing up in front of everyone and Sara just walks out and whew! Breathtaking. It’s just like seeing this person that you’ve been through so much with, and you know, and like, she’s beautiful. Like it’s just all perfect. It’s amazing.”

The two exchange vows, and then they exchange rings.

And the officiant says, “It is with great pride and profound honor that I do pronounce you a loving, long term, committed married couple.”

And the two kiss to more cheers.


Whitney tells Sara, “And if we can make it through what we made it through in the past, we can make it through absolutely anything.”

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