“The Real L Word” recap: Episode 308 – “Premonitions”


Back in New York, Kiyomi and Lauren go out on their first date at Tre, an Italian wine bar and restaurant on the Lower East Side. This is the same restaurant that Vero and Kiyomi went to last episode, where Vero told Kiyomi that Lauren said she could see herself just being with Kiyomi.

Lesbians: so advanced that they can go steady before the first date. It’s like getting a degree in Literature without knowing how to read. Or becoming a member of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee without knowing anything about science, space or technology.

Really really trying not to make an “eating out” joke. Oops, too late.

After an attempt at making awkward conversation, the two give up and just make out.

Kiyomi tells us that while she still isn’t sure whether she is ready for a relationship she sees something in Lauren that makes her want to change her ways. As Kiyomi tells Lauren about her meeting with Somer, I got distracted by the specials menu at Tre. Unlimited Champagne brunch? Vino con Pesche? Unlimited meatballs? What was Kiyomi talking about again?

Back in LA, Jonesy Cat hears a toilet flush and paws at the door of the bathroom. Something is afoot. Either Jonesy is exhibiting its natural animal sixth sense and knows something big is about to happen, or he is just upset that he didn’t get to stand on the toilet seat and watch water spiral down the toilet bowl.


Cori steps out of the bathroom, and Jonesy squawks with disapproval and flees. Cori gets into bed holding a home pregnancy test and without any expectations, looks at the results.

“We’re pregnant!” says Cori.

“Holy shit!” says Kacy, laughing.

The Unicorn rises again! (OK, I it’s the phoenix that rises, but unicorns are special and can do anything.)

Meanwhile Whitney and Sara are lying in bed wondering what the hell they were fighting about the night before.

Sara tell Whitney that she didn’t want to hang out with Amanda last night at all.

“We already have our own shit going on, and as soon she gets there, I’m already irritated by her,” says Sara.

Whitney tells as that Amanda didn’t really cause all the tension that happened the night before – all the stress, planning, headaches associated with the wedding were making both Sara and Whitney irritable. Amanda was just the village idiot that stumbled into an already tense situation.

So Whitney and Sara discuss their need to communicate more effectively, now that they are actually married. They agree that the days of storming out of a club, screaming expletives on the street while talking with their hands should be over. Look ma! They done growed up!

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