“The Real L Word” recap: Episode 308 – “Premonitions”

Since a lot of changes have been going on in her life, including her new “career,” Romi decides to center herself by having dinner with her extended family.

She tells us that she has two special needs brothers and that their disabilities are related to her dad getting exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. She tells us that she wants to make it big, so she can take care of her family. I don’t know if singing cheesy tunes that sounded like they came out of a 1990s Eurotrash nightclub with a guy who isn’t even signed to a record label is the most practical way to reach that goal, but hey, at least her heart is in the right place.

In a less quiet part of town, Whitney has invited Amanda out to play. Amanda broke up with her ex for real this time (we think), Lauren is out of town, so Whitney wants to help Amanda get her mind off of things.

Whitney, Sara and Amanda sit around having drinks at a nightclub, and before Amanda even opens her mouth, Sara already has a sour face. Amanda innocently suggests that she would love to help design the outfits for their wedding. She just worked on a runway show with an LA based designer named Lloyd Klein.

The she adds, “I’m not a designer in any way, but I’m really good with fashion!” Sort of like how Romi isn’t a singer in any way, but for some reason she is singing?

Whitney says she is open to the idea, not because she thinks it is a good idea, but because she doesn’t have any other ones.

Then the alcohol starts talking a little more, and Amanda suggests that she can totally get a marriage license online and marry the two of them! OMG! A designer and an officiator? It’s like everyone on this show has five hundred careers.

Sara tells us that her wedding with Whitney is none of Amanda’s business. “Amanda is bothering the shit out of me,” she complains.

Visibly annoyed, Sara tells Amanda, “I’d rather you not do it, but you can still wear a suit. You can still wear a priest outfit as a joke!” Then she walks out the front door to get some air — and Amanda’s voice out of her head.

About Sara, Whitney tells Amanda, “She’s in a mood.” Whitney goes outside to see what is wrong.

Whitney finds Sara outside and tries to get her attention.

“What is wrong with you, dude?” says Whitney.

“Do not grab me!” yells Sara, and then they start fighting. Amanda wanders outside, and at the mere sight of Amanda, Sara walks off and leaves Whitney at the club.

“You can go, Sara! I’ll stay! You can go!” Whitney yells after her. “She can go fuck herself, seriously.” And since the first “seriously” wasn’t serious enough, Whitney says it again, louder. “No, SERIOUSLY!” Because Whitney is serious.

Seriously serious.

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