“The Real L Word” recap: Episode 308 – “Premonitions”

While Kelsey is taking out her aggression on a piece of broccoli somewhere in La La Land, Lauren is in her own la la land in Brooklyn. Again, like a broken record, Lauren repeats that she has intense feelings for Kiyomi. She also tells us that Amanda was not getting along with her sometimes girlfriend, sometimes ex, so Amanda went back to Los Angeles, but while that is a “bummer,” she’s here to see Kiyomi.

Kiyomi tells us that she is nervous about Lauren visiting her. She says that hookups that happen at Dinah Shore are kind of like summer camp romances – in that you don’t bring that stuff home.

What happened at Dinah did not stay at Dinah.

“So I hope it’s not that kind of scenario,” she says.

Back in California, Cori and Kacy are taking a long, sad walk on the beach. This is the day that Charlie was supposed to be born. Kaci tells us that when they were trying to get pregnant, one day they invited all their friends to throw flowers in the ocean to grab the attention of whatever deities were floating around to implant a soul in Cori’s uterus.

So today Cori and Kacy have decided to go the beach – just the two of them – and do the same thing to say goodbye to Charlie.

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