“The Real L Word” recap: Episode 308 – “Premonitions”


Over in LA, Romi has come home, glowing like a biohazard. “You’re all red and cheerful,” says Kelsey.

“Like Christmas?” says Romi.

Then Kelsey furrows her brows, telling Romi that she keeps having headaches and nightmares. Romi asks Kelsey what she dreamed about, and Kelsey brushes it off, saying that it was an especially bad dream, but it was only a product of her own loopiness.

Kelsey tells us a different story. “I really honestly think I have premonitions. I had a dream about Jay and Romi going back with Jay. That happened. I had a dream about Romi starting to make music with Dusty. That happened.”

“What are you having nightmares about?” asks Romi.

“I have nightmares about you, crazy!” says Kelsey, breaking up a piece of broccoli. Wait? She does the cooking too? Life is truly unfair.

Romi tries to guess what Kelsey dreamed about. She gets it on the first try.

Romi: I left you for Dusty.
Kelsey: Yeah, you did.
Romi: But it’s not real!
Kelsey:I don’t know if they are dreams or premonitions.
Romi: You and your fucking premonitions.
Kelsey: I’ve been having lots of premonitions lately.
Romi: What did I do?
Kelsey: You said, “I can’t hold these feeling back for a man. That’s who I really am, Kelsey. I am sorry I’ve been stringing you along.”

Romi suggests going to bed, and offers to fool around with Kelsey, so then she will have wet dreams instead of bad dreams. Fortunately, the strap on doesn’t come out, so we don’t have to sit through any more of Romi’s pretend orgasms.

Kelsey tells us that while she is concerned that a short voice coaching session with Dusty led to a larger project, singing is what Romi wants to do, so she says she will be a good girlfriend and support her.

She sends a warning to Romi, though. “Premonitions, baby, premonitions. Be careful what you do in my dreams.”

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